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Introduction of bu ali sina 

Name    : Bu Ali Sina
Title      : Sheik al Raees
Born      : Safar 370 H                               At     : Bukhara
Died       : 4 Ramadan 428 H                  At    :  Hamadan
Age        :  58 years

We are now discussing about a personage who was born in the Ismaili Sect but adopted the Right Path in his later life and spent his days as a true follower of the Ahl al Bayt (a.s). He doesn’t have any eminence as an Alim or Faqih but no history of Islam is complete without reference to him. His name is mentioned with great respect because he was the scion of a family which followed false imams but he had adopted the Right Path. This person was Sheik al Raees Bu Ali Sina who was a great physician, philosopher, mathematician and chemist. The Shii Sect is rightly proud of this great personage! We feel it is but proper to discuss at some length about this great person!


Bu Ali Sina had composed a quartet which says that Allah has written the name of Ali (a.s) on every human face twice in an inverted manner.. He said the Arabic alphabet “Ain”---the first alphabet in Ali (a.s)’s name, is the eye. The straight bone of the nose is the alphabet “Laam’---the second alphabet in Ali (a.s)’s name. He said that the eye-brows are like the alphabet “Yaa- the third and last alphabet in Ali (a.s)’s name. If you write Ali in Arabic and look at it, it would look like the human face! Bu Ali Sina was the first to come up with this idea.


It is recorded in the books of history that Bu Ali Sina was seen with the Prophet (s.a) twice by persons in their dreams. One incident is recorded by Sheik Mujaddi Deen Baghdadi, a Sunni scholar. He writes that he, Sheik Baghdadi, saw in his dream that he had reached the presence of the Prophet (s.a). He asked the Prophet (s.a), in the dream,.his opinion about Bu Ali Sina whether he would get Allah’s pardon for his past sins? That was the time when Bu Ali Sina was following the wayward path. The Prophet (s.a) told to the Sheik that Bu Ali Sina was one person who was seeking Allahwithout making access to him (the Prophet s.a). He (the Prophet s.a.) therefore pushed him into the Hell by putting his hand on his chest..


When we consider the life of Bu Ali Sina, we understand the difference between the Ulema of the Religion and the scholars of the worldly disciplines. The history tells us that Bu Ali Sina spent 20 to22 years as an itinerant wanderer and ultimately came to the court of the king of Isfahan. Now Bu Ali Sina was a true lover of the Ahl al Bayt (a.s). He was a much married person. As a result of this he started getting fits of epilepsy. He got himself treated. The treatment required doing enema seven to eight times every day. His intestines got damaged because of this repeated operation. One of his slaves was inimical to him. The person mixed some mild poison and opium in his medicine. After taking the medicine he went so weak that it was difficult for him even to stand up. The ruler of Isfahan had to travel to Hamadan on some important work. Bu Ali Sina requested him to take him along on the trip. He said that he wanted to visit the place where he had spent most of his youth. He reached there and on 4 Ramadan 428 H he breathed his last!

Source :  Urdu Lectures of Moulana Sadiq Hassan Book  

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